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The founding principle of Environmental Logistics is to promote the benefits of reuse and recycling whenever possible and to provide for cost efficient and environmentally responsible alternatives for the management of hazardous wastes. Recycling enables generators to reduce their long term legal responsibility associated with landfill disposal of wastes, protects natural resources, and reduces potential tax liability. Viewing waste streams as a source of usable materials is what separates Environmental Logistics from our competition.

Protecting the environment for our customers requires Environmental Logistics to maintain the ability to respond quickly. We operate a large assortment of equipment and vehicles, enabling us to safely transport liquids, solids and semi-solids from anywhere at any time. Rapid responses help our customers stay in compliance with the law, maintain their business operations, and handle the unexpected with confidence.

Whether a multi-million dollar contract for a Fortune 100 company or a residential curb-side program, Environmental Logistics has the expertise, manpower, experience and technological capabilities to do the job…and do it right.

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