What is Universal Waste?

What is Universal Waste?

Universal wastes are hazardous wastes that are widely produced by households and many different types of businesses. Universal wastes include televisions, computers and other electronic devices as well as batteries, fluorescent lamps, mercury thermostats, and other mercury containing equipment, among others.

Universal Waste

Universal wastes are:
Electronic devices: Includes any electronic device that is a hazardous waste (with or without a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)), including televisions, computer monitors, cell phones, VCRs, computer CPUs and portable DVD players.

Batteries: Most household-type batteries, including rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries, silver button batteries, mercury batteries, alkaline batteries and other batteries that exhibit a characteristic of a hazardous waste

Electric lamps: Fluorescent tubes and bulbs, high intensity discharge lamps, sodium vapor lamps and electric lamps that contain added mercury, as well as any other lamp that exhibits a characteristic of a hazardous waste.

Mercury-containing equipment: Thermostats, mercury switches, mercury thermometers, pressure or vacuum gauges.

CRTs: The glass picture tubes removed from devices such as televisions and computer monitors.

CRT glass: A cathode ray tube that has been accidentally broken or processed for recycling.

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